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Founded: 2008


Bringing People Together for a Healthy Planet

Our Most Popular Opportunities

IceWatch USA

IceWatch USA volunteers observe a waterway in their community over the winter season, reporting on winter precipitation and wildlife activity.  

Watch the Wild
Watch the Wild volunteers observe and report on the "wild" in their community, from trees and plants to lakes and streams to weather and wildlife activity. 

Senior Environment Corps (SEC)
SEC volunteers, mostly age 55+, are engaged in environmental projects like water quality monitoring and environmental education.  

Turtle Ambassador volunteers reach out to new audiences about turtles and tortoises, the dangers they face, as well as ways that people can help turtles and tortoises. 

Climate Change Ambassadors

‚ÄčClimate Change Ambassador volunteers reach out to new audiences about climate change as well as people can help. 

Climate change is a serious issue facing our planet, from extreme weather events to disruptions in our food sources, and from changing wildlife patterns to increased health risks. Nature Abounds, a national 501c3 nonprofit formed in 2008, is bringing people together to work environmental issues including climate change. We want to help people and wildlife adapt to the changes and to be ready for future changes as well. Likewise, we are working to mitigate forces that are feeding climate change.


The majority of our programs and opportunities have a climate change component to them. For example, the data collected by our IceWatch USA and Watch the Wild volunteers is used by scientists studying climate change. Likewise, with our Turtle Ambassador opportunity, volunteers share climate change as  a major threat to turtle species and other wildlife. One of our newest opportunities, Climate Change Ambassadors, engages citizens in raising awareness about climate change with local officials, the media and the general public. Likewise, we hope this website will give people ideas on how they can be part of the solution. Working together, we can make a difference for our families, our communities, and for the planet. 

Find out more about what Nature Abounds is working on by visiting our main website or by reviewing our latest Annual Report